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Pain on Top of Your Foot

Feeling a sharp pain on the top of your foot during each step can be disconcerting, especially for runners. Unlike more recognizable running injuries, such as plantar fasciitis or shin splints, top-of-foot pain poses a unique challenge for diagnosis. Types of pain on the top of the foot among runners include tendonitis, metatarsal stress fractures, or neuromas. Tendonitis may cause pain near the instep and big toe, and is often accompanied by shin splints. Metatarsal stress fractures, often triggered by sudden increases in training intensity, result in swelling and discomfort over the metatarsal bones. The second and third metatarsals of the foot, which are thinner, and often longer than the first metatarsal, are most prone to stress fractures. This is the area of greatest impact on your foot when you push off to run. Wearing tight footwear can lead to issues like vamp disease or neuromas, resulting in pain or burning sensations that may be relieved by adjusting shoe fit. Regardless of the suspected injury, if the pain persists despite rest, it is suggested that runners consult a podiatrist promptly for an accurate diagnosis and suggested treatment options. 

Exercising your feet regularly with the proper foot wear is a great way to prevent injuries. If you have any concerns about your feet, contact Kentston Cripe, DPM of Roseville Foot & Ankle. Our doctor will treat your foot and ankle needs.

How to Prevent Running Injuries

Many common running injuries are caused by overuse and overtraining. When the back of the kneecap starts wearing out and starts causing pain in your knee, this is commonly referred to as runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is a decrease in strength in your quadriceps and can occur if you’re not wearing properly fitted or supporting shoes. To prevent runner’s knee, focusing on hip strengthening is a good idea, as well as strengthening your quads to keep the kneecaps aligned.

What Are Some Causes of Running Injuries?
- One cause of a common running injury is called iliotibial band syndrome.
- Plantar fasciitis is also another common injury.
- Stress fractures can occur from overtraining, lack of calcium, or even your running style.

Best Ways to Prevent Running Injuries
- Wear footwear that fits properly and suits your running needs.
- Running shoes are the only protective gear that runners have to safeguard them from injury.
- Make a training schedule. Adding strengthening exercises as well as regular stretching can help keep you strong and limber and can lessen the possibility of injuries.
- Stretching keeps muscles limber; this will help you gain better flexibility.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office located in Roseville, CA . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.

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